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        1. Practicality. The purpose of buying express cartons is because of its practicability. Therefore, practicability is a basic function of express cartons. When designing express cartons, we first need to pay attention to its practicability.


        2. To reflect the brand effect. Now consumers pay great attention to the brand, so when designing express cartons, they also need to reflect the effect and value of the brand. To establish a good brand image, this is the successful express carton design.



        3. Pay attention to uniqueness. People are very interested in something new and unique. If it is a unique express carton packaging, it will also attract their attention, especially for young people. Therefore, when designing express carton, we should pay attention to its uniqueness, be novel and unique, and have personality, that is, the color, shape and graphics of packaging should be avant-garde and fashionable.


        4. We should grasp the herd mentality of consumers. Now many consumers have herd mentality. They like to imitate other people's practices or follow the trend. Therefore, the design of express carton should also grasp the psychological needs of consumers and integrate some trendy elements into the design of express carton.


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