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        ① Basic conditions of carton factory: determine the length, width and height of carton


        Generally, the thickness of three-layer carton is about 3.5mm, and the thickness of five-layer carton is about 7mm, so you should first measure the length, width and height of your actual articles. Then add the thickness of the carton (try to add 0.5mm to the height of the carton). Carton size design: it is generally designed to save more materials when the width data is relatively small. Therefore, according to your own goods, you must tell the carton factory whether the size you said is the outer box size or the inner box size.


        ② Select the material of the carton



        According to the weight of our own goods and our own cost, we should reasonably choose the materials of cartons. Our ordinary cartons are made of corrugated board, corrugated board release paper, corrugated paper, core paper and inner paper; The heavier the weight per square meter, the better the quality. The gram weight of paper is 120g, 140g, 170g, 200g and 250g.


        ③ Selection of carton thickness


        The carton is divided into three layers, five layers, seven layers and nine layers. The thickness of the third floor is about 0.3mm, the thickness of the fifth floor is about 0.7mm, and the thickness of the seventh floor is about 0.9mm.. the third floor is also called single pit, and the fifth floor is also called double pit. The thickness of strengthened and hardened cartons is the same, only hardness.


        The bearing capacity of carton mainly depends on the transverse ring compressive strength of each layer of base paper, but the more layers, the better the bearing performance.


        ④ Print problem


        Generally speaking, the larger the printing surface area, the higher the cost. Of course, it depends on the color. Once the carton is printed, it cannot be modified. Therefore, we must confirm the printed content with the carton manufacturer for many times. Some small mistakes can be covered with self-adhesive stickers or warm water stickers of the same color as the carton, but they are not beautiful enough. Give accurate printed materials as much as possible,


        The above is the knowledge about Jinan carton factory provided by Xiaobian. Please continue to pay attention to our website for more wonderful contents: http://www.578114.com