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        來源:http://www.578114.com/ 時間:2021-09-29 發布人:admin


        How to choose carton packaging for vulnerable goods? In order to ensure that the outer packaging deformation caused by extrusion will not occur during express transportation, merchants will use custom cartons. The key to carton quality is that the cardboard should be thick, which is important. After delivery, we often receive complaints from customers, mainly because the express carton is seriously damaged or deformed, resulting in damage to the guitar panel and side plate, burst of piano neck and head, etc.


        Fragile products are different from ordinary products. We should pay more attention to safety protection in the process of transportation. Under normal circumstances, the transportation of fragile goods shall be protected in both internal and external aspects. External protection, as the name suggests, is the protective packaging on the outside of fragile products, which is also a common method to avoid damage to fragile products during transportation. The outer packaging carton used to protect fragile products shall have strong compression resistance and not easy to deform, and can effectively protect fragile products from damage during normal storage, stacking and transportation.


        However, external packaging is not enough for the protection of fragile products. It is inevitable to encounter various external factors such as turbulence and shaking in the process of transportation. Therefore, it is also necessary to do a good job in the internal protective packaging of fragile products.


        In short, the function of inner packaging is to isolate the direct contact between fragile products and packaging cartons, and fix them to avoid shaking in the box. Therefore, many people will choose buffer filling packaging materials as the internal protective packaging materials of fragile products.


        The cushioning packaging materials can recover to the initial shape or approximate to the initial shape in a short time after being subjected to the external impact force, because this can further provide the cushioning effect, so as to protect the fragile products from damage caused by shaking, bumping, vibration, etc. during transportation.