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        Carton packaging refers to the packaging of products with paper boxes in the process of circulation in order to protect products, facilitate storage and transportation and promote sales. Carton packaging is a widely used packaging method. Different from wooden box packaging, woven bag packaging, cloth bag packaging and plastic box packaging, carton packaging has the characteristics of easy material acquisition, light weight, easy printing, easy design and molding, low cost and so on. It is widely used in sales packaging and transportation packaging of commodities. What are the classifications of carton packaging:


        Carton packaging can be classified as follows:



        1. The corrugated direction of the wrapped carton is parallel to the length of the paperboard and connected to the side box surface. In use, the die-cut carton blank is handed over to the packaging user, and the user uses the automatic packaging machine to put the contents, and then wrap them into boxes.


        2. The separated carton can be divided into two or more in the circulation process, which mainly solves the contradiction between mass production and small batch sales. The separated carton can be combined with various auxiliary materials on the basis of the traditional standard carton, or a new forming method can be adopted.


        3. Triangular column carton, triangular column corrugated carton is formed by one sheet of box and corner lining. The four corners of corrugated carton form triangular column or right angle column structure, so as to improve the compressive strength by 20% to 50%.


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