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        The foam packaging box itself has a lot of advantages, for example, the density of the product is relatively high. Compared with the original polymer, the density of the microbubble polymer is smaller and the quality is lighter, so that the products produced can achieve better insulation effect, especially if they can reach a certain degree on the thickness. They can ensure that the temperature inside the package is completely isolated from the outside for a longer time.
        Coupled with some applications of refrigerated trucks, there is no problem in storing products with shorter shelf life such as seafood. In addition, this product also has good tensile strength and polymer tensile strength, which is far lower than that of foamed polymer. Their density is directly proportional to that of foamed polymer. They will not break due to pulling in the process of use. In addition, they can reach a certain service life, It can be applied repeatedly without any problem.
        Foam packaging box is a new environment-friendly packaging material, and foam packaging box has light weight, heat insulation, sound insulation, shockproof and other characteristics, and has a good anti-static function, so foam materials are widely used. The foam packaging box has its own unique characteristics, such as light weight, heat insulation, sound insulation, shockproof and corrosion resistance.
        One of the foam packaging boxes is that his insulation is very good. In general, many of the products like cooked food and so on will be covered with the Shandong foam box. No refrigerator, ice cream or anything like that needs to be put into the foam box. The reason why these products are wrapped in foam is mainly because of its good thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity. The heat of the foam box is not easy to escape to the outside of the box, and the heat outside the box is not easy to enter the box.
        In addition, the foam packaging box also has a very good sound insulation function, it can absorb sound waves very well, so that reflection and transmission can be reduced. Secondly, it can also effectively eliminate resonance and achieve the purpose of reducing noise. This kind of packaging plays an important role in heat and sound insulation.