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        1. The most basic condition: determine the length, width and height of the carton. Generally, the thickness of the three-layer carton is about 3.5mm, and the thickness of the five-layer carton is about 7mm. Therefore, you must first measure the length, width and height of your actual articles. Then add the thickness of the carton (add 0.5mm at the height of the carton as much as possible). It is the outer box size of the carton. Generally, the carton factory defaults to the outer box size. Design of outer box size: generally, the most economical material is the small width data. Therefore, according to your own goods, you must tell the carton factory whether the size you said is the outer box size or the inner box size.
        2、選擇紙箱的材質根據自己貨物的輕重,以及自己的成本情況,合理選擇紙箱的材質,紙箱是由紙板做成的,所以需要對紙板的概念有所了解,我們普通的紙箱都是有瓦楞紙板制作的,瓦楞紙板分面紙,瓦楞紙,芯紙,里紙;材質的好壞,一般都跟每平米的重量有關,每平米重量越重,質量也就越好,紙的克重有120克140克 170克200克250克之分。一般紙箱的紙質從外觀光滑,手感硬度大概通過分辨出紙質,整個市場紙質也不會相差太多 。
        2. Select the material of the carton. Reasonably select the material of the carton according to the weight of your goods and your own cost. The carton is made of cardboard, so you need to understand the concept of cardboard. Our ordinary cartons are made of corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard, split paper, corrugated paper, core paper and lining paper; The quality of material is generally related to the weight per square meter. The heavier the weight per square meter, the better the quality. The gram weight of paper is 120 grams, 140 grams, 170 grams, 200 grams and 250 grams. Generally, the paper of carton is smooth in appearance and hard in hand. The paper in the whole market will not differ much.
        3. Selection of carton thickness cartons are classified by corrugated type: Carton thickness is generally three layers, five layers, seven layers and nine layers. The approximate thickness of the third floor is about 0.3mm, the thickness of the fifth floor is about 0.7mm, and the thickness of the seventh floor is about 0.9mm. The third floor is also called single pit, and the fifth floor is also called double pit. The thickness of strengthened and hardened cartons is the same, only divided by hardness. The load-bearing capacity of carton mainly depends on the transverse ring compression strength of each layer of base paper. It is not necessarily that the more layers, the better the load-bearing performance.
        4. Generally speaking, the larger the surface area of printing, the higher the cost. Of course, it also depends on the number of colors. Once the carton is printed, it cannot be modified. Therefore, we must confirm the printed content with the carton manufacturer for many times. Some small errors can be covered with self-adhesive stickers or warm water stickers similar to the appearance color of the carton, but they are not beautiful enough. The most accurate printing data shall be given as far as possible, and the carton manufacturer shall be supervised to print strictly according to the requirements.
        5. If the cooperation intention of the sample box is determined with the carton manufacturer and the quotation paper and cooperation mode are reached, the carton factory can be required to provide the sample box. Generally, the carton model is not printed, but mainly to determine the paper, size and process quality.
        6. The problem of minimum order quantity carton factories have a problem of minimum order quantity. The minimum order quantity is 30 square meters. The minimum order quantity of different carton factories is different. It is generally recommended to make more cartons at a time. The less you order, the more expensive the price will be.
        7. Special note on carton hardness: as long as it is continuous rainy or wet days, even the original hard carton will become soft (the same is true for newly customized ones).
        8. Carton color the color of all cartons and paperboards cannot be 100% the same as that of the last time. If the color requirements are very high, you must communicate with the carton manufacturer.
        The above is about Jinan carton factory http://www.578114.com If you have any questions, please call and someone will answer for you.