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        來源:http://www.578114.com/ 時間:2021-11-29 發布人:admin
        企業訂購瓦楞紙箱一般數量會比較大,訂購后的紙箱會根據訂單情況對紙箱進行消耗,部分暫時不用的瓦楞紙箱通常會放在倉庫里。但是,放的時間長了,倉庫的紙箱容易發霉。 瓦楞紙箱出現發霉現象是非常常見的,因為紙箱是紙質產品,具有較強的吸水性。在一定潮濕的環境下,容易在自身產生適合菌類的環境,霉菌大范圍繁殖。出現這種狀況,消費者基本丟掉就好了。但是對于企業或者保留瓦楞紙箱有其他作用的人來說,會比較麻煩。那么,我們該如何防霉呢?今天,小編就給大家分享一下。
        Enterprises generally order a large number of corrugated boxes. The ordered cartons will consume the cartons according to the order situation, and some temporarily unused corrugated cartons are usually placed in the warehouse. However, after a long time, the cartons in the warehouse are easy to mildew. Moldy corrugated box is very common, because the carton is a paper product with strong water absorption. In a certain humid environment, it is easy to produce an environment suitable for fungi, and mold propagates in a large range. In this situation, consumers basically lose it. However, it will be more troublesome for enterprises or people who retain corrugated boxes for other purposes. So, how should we prevent mildew? Today, Xiaobian will share with you.
        Corrugated box
        Place some hygroscopic articles with good effect in the corrugated box warehouse
        Mould of corrugated box products is largely caused by too humid environment. Mould will multiply in a large number in a humid environment, so it is necessary to prevent mould and humidity first. We can store bamboo charcoal bags for moisture absorption in the warehouse. Or you can use something that absorbs moisture to absorb moisture from the air and reduce the humidity of the air to a relatively dry environment, so that the corrugated box will not become moldy again.
        Keep the space distance between corrugated boxes
        The sealed corrugated box warehouse is equivalent to a large mold incubator. If there is no air circulation and sunshine in the warehouse for a long time, the environment inside will become humid. In a suitable environment, the mold robes begin to multiply wildly and rapidly, and the scope of mold will become larger and larger. If there are objects or cartons around, the mold will spread and multiply in the contact place, and the mold will infect each other between cartons. Therefore, the corrugated boxes in the warehouse should be separated by pallets, keep a certain distance from each other, and do not pile up together. In this way, it can not only maintain the permeability, but also reduce the rapid reproduction of mold transmission.
        Corrugated box
        Spraying mould proof spray in corrugated cardboard warehouse
        Use mould proof spray to spray mould. Mould proof sprays, also known as storehouse mildew inhibitors, are mainly sprayed indoors to kill moulds in space. Keep the environment clean. Generally used in warehouses, workshops, stores, containers, packaging boxes and so on.
        Mould proof during corrugated box production
        In the production process of corrugated box, a certain amount of glue anti mildew agent is added for the anti mildew treatment of glue.
        The above is Jinan packing box factory http://www.578114.com Thank you for checking the information of our company in your busy schedule. If you want to know more, you are welcome to call for consultation!