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        來源:http://www.578114.com/ 時間:2021-12-01 發布人:admin
        Carton enterprises do not use guide blocks to support samples when inspecting the edge pressing strength,
        The sample with simple composition is inclined during the pressing process, and the data is low.
        The correct method is to place the sample in the middle of the lower pressing plate of the tester and support the sample with a guide block,
        Carton customization
        Make the surface of the sample perpendicular to the pressing plate. When the pressure is close to 50N, move the persuasion block until the sample is crushed, and record the pressure that the sample can withstand.
        For the sample with puncture strength, four different angle values of front longitudinal, bad longitudinal, front transverse and bad transverse shall be tested respectively, but some enterprises do not consider the angle of sample testing. In fact, in practical inspection, the inspection effects of four different angles: positive vertical, bad vertical, positive horizontal and bad horizontal sometimes differ greatly.
        During the burst strength test, the data with secondary explosion sound or when the sample has obvious sliding shall be discarded, and the front and back sides of the sample shall be measured respectively. In general, for abnormal inspection data during inspection, the inspection times should be increased to verify whether the inspection effect is accidental, so as to avoid constituting error judgment.
        When testing the compressive strength of the carton, the carton is tested without sealing, which will constitute that the test data is low. The correct method should first close the sample box in three dimensions, seal it up and down with sealing tape, and then put it in the middle of the lower pressing plate of the compression testing machine, and pressurize it at the standard speed until the carton is crushed.
        General customers choose vernier caliper or directly measure the longitudinal cutting edge of paperboard with tape measure to determine the thickness of paperboard. Because there is a certain pressure in the slitting of the paperboard production line, the slitting edge of the paperboard will generally collapse, so the punctuality value will be low. In fact, the thickness measurement punctuality is measured under a certain pressure, and multi-point contact measurement should be selected to take the average value.
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