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        There are two categories of materials commonly used in gift packaging
        1、 Functional materials
        Functional materials refer to the materials needed to realize packaging structure, modeling and functional design. The difference between the materials used in gift packaging and general commodity packaging lies in the type and texture of materials. In order to highlight its solemnity, exquisiteness and value, gift packaging will generally be more exquisite in the selection of materials, and there are more types of materials used in the same packaging than general commodity packaging. For example, cardboard, paperboard, textile, metal and other materials will be used in the packaging of a beautiful necklace. The exquisite texture and variety of materials naturally increase the packaging cost. Therefore, the value of gift packaging should match the value of the content. From the perspective of low-carbon and environmental protection, on the basis of realizing the packaging function, the waste of materials and the overall cost should be reduced as much as possible.
        There are two categories of materials commonly used in gift packaging
        2、 Decorative materials
        Decorative material refers to the material attached to the package and mainly plays a decorative role. For example, some common patterns on gift packaging, novel and fashionable wrapping paper, exquisite ribbons and beautiful flowers are typical decorative materials. Decorative materials are a very common part of gift packaging. The significance of its existence is to dress up the packaging and set off the gift giving atmosphere. The rational and appropriate use of decorative materials is a means to accurately convey the gift friendship. However, decorative materials are not a necessary condition for gift packaging. Good gift effects can also be produced through high-level design in packaging modeling, printing technology, decorative graphics and so on. Therefore, the application of decorative materials in gift packaging needs to be selected rationally according to the actual situation, and excessive stacking and improper use should be avoided.
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