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        The main structure of packaging carton can include flat carton, lap carton and large cover carton. The structure of packaging carton can be designed according to the characteristics of required packaging products. Generally speaking, the most commonly used form is flat carton.
        How much do you know about the basics of packing cartons
        Compared with the flat carton, the structure of lap carton is more protective and can play a good role in protecting products. For example, when packaging some bulky cotton clothes, the products will be compressed after a period of gravity pressure. At this time, if the flat carton is used for packaging, the swing covers on both sides of the carton will not be closed, resulting in the exposure of the goods in the carton. In this case, it is more appropriate to use lap carton. The amount of lap can be set according to the specific situation of the commodity.
        The appearance of the large cover carton is relatively neat. Compared with the first two cartons, this structure is more prominent for the internal product protection performance. However, the production of this kind of carton requires more raw materials and its production process is relatively complex.
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