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        What details should we pay attention to when designing the packing box?
        1. Size. Before designing each packing box, we need to determine its size. When determining the size of the box, it depends on the material used in the later printing stage of the box, that is, the paper thickness of the box. Most of them are corrugated and non corrugated. E-tile is generally used for those with corrugated, and the general paper without corrugated is thicker. Therefore, before the design, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the paper in order to scale the size rather than the design size, because the paper is backward and cannot load items.
        2. The packing box is also a printed matter, so the typesetting should be designed in vector software.
        3. If the shape of the box is special, we must draw the knife line and combine all the knife lines together, because the printing factory makes the knife mold according to your knife line.
        packing box
        4、我們在設計包裝的時候,刀線畫出來之后,一般是1: 1打印出來,簡單的折疊一個盒子,看看蓋子和耳朵之間的尺寸結構是否合理。
        4. When designing the packaging, after the knife line is drawn, it is usually printed out at 1:1. Simply fold a box to see whether the size structure between the cover and the ear is reasonable.
        5. The packing box is also printed matter, so all pictures and graphics we use should be CMYK color mode. The picture definition is higher than 300 points, otherwise the finished product may be blurred.
        6. Generally, the following contents will appear in the packing box (commodity picture, commodity brand trademark, commodity name, commodity use profile, commodity bar code, manufacturer profile).
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