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        The color contrast is entirely because a pattern needs to be expressed through the contrast of different colors, but this pigment is an essential object constituting the packaging pattern elements of the whole packaging box. Some patterns, even the ingenious combination of different pigments. Therefore, in the process of studying packaging design, if we do not pay attention to the comparative relationship between color and color itself, it is impossible to design a good packaging pattern.
        So, what should we do to master the skills of Suzhou packing box packaging design? There are three main points here: first, the grasp of color skills; Second, grasp the composition skills; Third, grasp the cultural connotation.
        Grasp of color skills
        Color skills should pay attention to the following points: first, the relationship between color and packaging; The second is the contrast between color and color itself. These two points are the key to the use of color.
        (1) , color and packaging
        So, as the reference relationship between color and packaging, where should we start? Mainly through the external packaging color can reveal or reflect the internal packaging items. People can basically perceive or associate with what the inner packaging is when they look at the outer packaging. For this problem, the author has mentioned it many times in previous articles, but if we can go into the store and take a look at the goods, many goods do not reflect this kind of care relationship. So that consumers can not think of what the packaged goods are from the outside to the inside. Of course, it will not play a better role in promoting the sales of products. The color of normal external packaging should grasp the same characteristics to varying degrees;
        (2) Contrast between color and color
        Besides, the contrast between color and color. This is a matter that z is easy to express but very difficult to grasp in many commodity packaging. In the design, it comes from experts. The wound effect of packaging is sunny and white snow. On the contrary, it is inferior. In Chinese calligraphy and painting, it is often popular to say that it is airtight and sparse.
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