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        The manufacturing dimension of carton packaging is the blanking dimension during box making, and the manufacturing dimension is measured by the pressing line on the unfolded box blank. The indentation roller on the slitter presses out a groove at the line pressing position. The line pressing is the middle line of the groove, and the distance between the two lines is the manufacturing size. There is a quick method to convert manufacturing dimensions into internal and external dimensions, but they also have their own measurement methods.
        Carton packaging can be divided into single splicing and double splicing in the manufacturing process: single splicing is a one page shaped box, which is generally used for products with small circumference; Double splicing is also known as two page box. Some products have too large circumference and need to use two pieces of box blank to splice one. However, sometimes in order to make use of the surplus materials cut down in the production process, the manufacturer will also use two pieces to splice a carton with not too large size, and sometimes four pieces to splice. Compared with one page box, two page box has one more joint, so there are some slight differences in the area calculation between the two.
        The manufacturing size of the product joint is determined according to the number of corrugated layers and the production process level. The single corrugated board is 35-40mm, the double corrugated board is 45-50mm and the three corrugated board is 50mm.
        When calculating the unfolded area of carton packaging, the loss of return wire in the manufacturing process needs to be considered. The size of return wire needs to be determined according to the number of layers of cardboard, generally 20-40mm. In practical work, in order to facilitate calculation, we uniformly adopt the rule of adding "8" and "4", that is, the sum of transverse joint and return wire is set as 8cm and the sum of longitudinal return wire is set as 4cm. The sum of the two is the total size to be calculated.
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