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        來源:http://www.578114.com/ 時間:2022-02-15 發布人:admin
        As we all know, hand-held paper bags are a common thing in life. They are not only convenient to carry things, but also have a good publicity effect. We come into contact with all kinds of handbags in our daily shopping life. In addition to the unique pocket digging, almost all handbags use hand ropes. Today, Xiaobian will share with you how to match handbags with different colors of handbag ropes.
        1. Kraft paper bag
        牛皮紙袋通??梢苑譃辄S牛皮紙袋與白牛皮紙袋,黃牛皮因為未曾漂白,呈現出黃褐色, 且袋身無須覆膜,牛皮紙袋本身具有質樸、復古的氣質,通常選用黃麻繩、黃褐色紙繩、深色手提繩等。
        Kraft paper bags can usually be divided into yellow kraft paper bags and white kraft paper bags. Because the yellow kraft has not been bleached, it appears yellowish brown, and the bag body does not need to be covered with film. The kraft paper bag itself has a simple and retro temperament, and usually uses jute rope, yellowish brown paper rope, dark hand rope, etc.
        2. White card paper bag
        White card paper bag is high white and bright. It is often used with red hand rope to highlight its good temperament.
        The white card paper bag is pure white and flawless, and the bag body is firm. It is commonly used to further express its immortality with a white hand rope. Some manufacturers also choose black hand rope on white paper bags for strong contrast, because black and white are the classic color combination in the design industry. Strong color collision is not easy to forget.
        Art paper handbag set
        Other black card paper bags, coated paper bags and art paper bags use the same color as the bag body to highlight their integrity, which is a common method. When you don't know which color of portable rope to match, the portable rope of the same color basically won't make mistakes.
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