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        來源:http://www.578114.com/ 時間:2022-02-22 發布人:admin
        In the dry weather in winter, many carton factories are troubled by the problem of carton production line explosion. The line explosion not only seriously affects the carton quality and the loss rate rises sharply, but also delays the delivery date, resulting in serious economic losses to the carton factory. So what is the reason for the carton packaging burst? How to solve it?
        Carton wrapping paper is a hydrophilic material. It will become soft and tough when absorbing water, and hard and brittle when losing water. When the moisture content of the paperboard is low, the influence of moisture on the bursting line of the corrugated box is mainly reflected in two aspects:
        1. The folding resistance of the surface paper decreases, the stiffness of the paperboard increases, and the possibility of line burst of the packaging carton increases
        2. The flat pressing strength of the paperboard core increases and the toughness of the paper in the surface decreases. It is easy to damage the paper in the surface when pressing the line, resulting in the line explosion of the carton.
        Improvement method for carton packaging burst:
        1. After the production of carton packaging paperboard, it should be stacked for enough time, and then printed on the machine after the moisture of each layer of paper reaches balance. When the moisture of the paper board surface and inner paper is low, the printing line pressing will be carried out, and the line pressing part will produce micro cracks. After that, even if the moisture of the surface and inner paper increases, the line burst problem can not be avoided.
        2. If the delivery time of carton packaging is too short to allow sufficient time for the water balance of the paperboard, it is a direct and good way to wet the surface of the paperboard. Avoid affecting the printing part when wet, otherwise it will have an adverse impact on the printing. If conditions permit, you can use the waste field version to make a wet version. First wet the line pressing part with a printing station, and then print. In this way, the line pressing position can be wet quickly without affecting the printing quality.
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