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        來源:http://www.578114.com/ 時間:2022-02-26 發布人:admin
        With the development of society, exquisite handbags have been quickly integrated into every family. Such handbags are deeply loved by everyone, that is, many people don't have to worry about the pressure on their hands. Of course, how to print such exquisite handbags?
        You need to design the layout first, and then choose the material you want to print. White cardboard is relatively easy to print and the cost is relatively low. But the size should also be considered. After all, the designed picture and template are not the same size, which is relatively easy to make mistakes. This should be clarified before making a decision to print.
        提繩扣眼也不要距離太遠,2cm左右就剛好,也要避讓設計制作。字體顏色在印刷方面也容易產生誤差,但是這個誤差相對來說不是很大,不會超過10%。在效果上可以加工藝, 比如燙金,UV等。
        The rope lifting buttonhole should not be too far away. It is just about 2cm. It should also avoid the design and manufacture. Font color is also prone to errors in printing, but this error is relatively small, not more than 10%. In effect, you can add processes, such as bronzing, UV, etc.
        To fix the shape of the handbag, it is necessary to fix it with glue to save glue opening. Generally, this glue will not open easily, and the opening rate may be very high after long-term storage.
        In order to facilitate the use of handbags, they will be used for folding and storage, and there will be some indentation lines, which will affect the design image of handbags.