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        The surface smoothness of corrugated board is poor, which can be roughly divided into horizontal arch, longitudinal arch and arbitrary arch.
        Horizontal arch refers to the arch formed along the wave direction. Longitudinal arch refers to the arch formed by the paperboard along the speed direction of the production line. An arbitrary arch is an arch that fluctuates in any direction. Surface arching is called positive arch, surface arching is called negative arch, and surface fluctuation is called positive arch and negative arch.
        Main factors affecting the flatness of paperboard
        1. Different paper types and grades. Guiyang carton packaging includes imported and domestic kraft paper, imitation kraft paper, corrugated paper, tea board paper, high-strength corrugated paper, etc., which are also divided into grades A, B, C, D, e and E. Because of the poor quality of paper, face paper is better than backing paper.
        2. The main technical parameters of backing paper are different. Considering the performance requirements of cartons or the cost reduction of users, the paper in cartons is required to be different. Usually:
        There are different amounts of paper in the flour. The face paper is larger than the backing paper, but it is also smaller. The moisture content of the backing paper is different. The moisture content of liners is lower than that of liners in transportation, and the moisture content of liners is also higher than that of liners in transportation. The quantity and moisture content inside the paper are different. First, the quantity of face paper is greater than the backing paper, and the water content is greater than or less than the backing paper. Second, the quantity of face paper is less than the backing paper, and the moisture content is greater than or less than the backing paper.
        3. The moisture content of the same batch of paper is different. The moisture content of one part of paper is higher than that of another part of paper or Guizhou carton packaging. The water content of outer edge and inner core is different.
        4. The length of heating surface of paper heater cannot be adjusted arbitrarily. The former is not operated properly, and the latter is limited by the equipment, which affects the preheating and drying effect.
        5. It is impossible to use steam ejector or equipment without spraying device, so that humidity of paper can not be increased arbitrarily.
        6. After preheating, the paper emits insufficient moisture time or high environmental humidity, poor ventilation and improper production line speed.
        7. The uneven shrinkage of paperboard is caused by improper and uneven glue loading of single-sided corrugating machine and gluing machine.
        8. Insufficient and unstable steam pressure, damage of trap and other parts, and non drainage in the pipeline lead to the failure of the preheater to work normally and stably.
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