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        We have seen all kinds of cartons. There are many types of cartons used to hold food. Usually, there are many cartons used to hold food. What function should high-quality food cartons have?
        1. Marketing function: food cartons will be printed with various patterns. Exquisite printing can also improve the grade of food, attract the attention of consumers and promote the sales of food.
        2. Wear resistance function: in addition to ensuring the appearance effect of food packaging, there are also certain requirements for the wear resistance function of the carton, which requires that the carton can withstand the friction of a certain force without changing the shape and color.
        3. Protection function: the food carton produced by Jining carton customization factory can achieve this function, which also ensures the reliability of food and will not be squeezed.
        High quality food cartons need to have the above functions in order to better contain food,
        How to save the cost of carton packaging is also a matter of great concern to many carton manufacturers. Saving the cost in the carton processing process can reduce the cost expenditure and improve the production efficiency of the carton factory.
        1. In the process of carton packaging, we should make full use of the style and shape of cartons, fully consider the utilization of corrugated paper in the design of different carton types, and reasonably plan the utilization mode of corrugated paper.
        2. Try to make the color of carton packaging neat and uniform, do not use some special colors, you can avoid shutdown and cleaning, and try to use two common red and black printing colors.
        3. Xiaobian suggests that you keep the cartons for standby when there is surplus in each production, so as to avoid waste.
        The above is the detailed introduction of Jinan packing box factory. I hope it will help you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide service for you with our attitude http://www.578114.com